Nutritional re-balancing is crucial if you want to drop body fat, lose weight, increase energy, or even improve your strength. You see it’s not a diet. You are probably doing a lot of the right things now.Unfortunately, there are some significant factors that can hold you back from having immediate and long-term success. Making minor improvements can completely change the trajectory for your results.Those changes can impact your day, week, month, and even your results a year from now.

Are you the type of person that rebounds? You lose and gain body fat but somehow you gain more body fat over time? If so, it doesn’t have to be that way. You see you can prevent this from happening by making some minor improvements. One of the best ways to improve your results is illustrated by the picture below. Nutritional re-balancing which is done by doing a cleanse and removing toxins from your body. As a result from the toxins being removed increase your body’s ability to absorb more nutrients from the foods you are already eating. More importantly it preps your body for optimal fat burning.


While you get immediate results from nutritional re-balancing. The real benefit is it improves overall long-term health. Imagine having a lifetime of being healthy rather than just moments of success. The way to jumpstart this process is by doing a simple cleanse. A cleanse will help get the toxins out of your body and it will help facilitate the re-balancing process. This will start a chain reaction which will begin with nutritional absorption. From there your energy levels will skyrocket, and you will even notice your workouts will become more effective.

I asked you the other day is a cleanse necessary for you. The answer is yes! We have been cleansing for thousands of years. Why, because it works! Remember you are putting things in your body like processed and refined foods and even fruits and vegetables which have endless amounts of pesticides on them. Over time your body builds up toxins and that makes it hard to operate at 100%. This is where nutritional re-balancing can help you jump-start the plateaus that you have hit with your fitness and doing a cleanse can help you drop 1-3 % body fat immediately.


Your success is build on a lot of little thing along the way. A cleanse is just one more notch added to your fitness arsenal. Continue eating healthy, drink plenty of water, decrease your stress levels, and keep showing up to the workouts and you will see the results come.

As always we are committed to your success,

Eli and Ramiro
Abba Fitness