Week 8: No Dining Out Challenge!

Okay, so before you start making excuses and complaining how busy you are this week or that you can’t cook, hear me out!

Eating at home does require more time and effort, but can we talk about some of the positive sides for a few minutes instead?

1. Homemade meals cost less, so lets begin with that – you’ll save money.
2. By eating at home, you’ll always know what’s in your food. You’ll also be more likely to eat a LOT less calories!
3. Dining out means you are exposed to greater temptations. And we all know most of us eat with our eyes first!
4. Eating a healthy diet will definitely give you more energy throughout the day… which leads to more confidence, increased productivity, and better relationships.
5. Cooking gives you the opportunity to have quality time with your family and friends. Memories of cooking dinner and eating as a family last a lifetime.

So if you’re leading a busy lifestyle and you dine out a lot, this may be challenging for you at first.

3 Key Tips for making this week a success:
• Plan all of your meals ahead of time
• Save time by doing a 2-3 hour cooking session where you make ALL of your food for the entire week!
• Always keep ready-to-eat food nearby. Most people fail when they are hungry and run out of great options at home or at the office!

Your challenge this week is to prepare your own meals and eat at home for a change. If you already have plans for brunch or dining out, invite them over for a nice home cooked meal!

If you want to be part of this challenge, let me know in the comment section below!