Week 44: Treat Yourself!!

This week we have a special challenge for YOU!   We know that you work hard every day. Not only at work, but also at Abba Fitness and at home.

Sometimes we have so many things going on, that we forget to make ourselves a priority and do something special for ourselves!

Now, some of you might say working out is doing something for yourself, and you’re RIGHT!  It’s one hour of YOU time when you can release some stress.

But this week, I’m challenging you to…..TREAT YOURSELF!!

You’ve earned it!! But not only that, here are some reasons why taking care of YOU is so important:

  • You’ll feel rejuvenated: Stepping away from the chaos or even just getting away from your normal routine will refresh you. If you take just an hour to go do something special for yourself, you will feel like a whole new person.
  • It’ll improve your mood: What do you love to do? Paint? Play the piano? Sit in your favorite chair with a warm cup of coffee? Go do something that will bring joy into your life, even if it it’s just for a few minutes!
  • You’ll have more to give: When you’re good to yourself, you’re more likely to be good to others. Treating yourself will allow you to be a better friend, co-worker, and loved one.
  • It can serve as motivation: Working all of the time can be physically and mentally draining. However, if you have a reward like a massage at the end of the week, it could be the very motivation you need to help you through the week!
  • You’ll avoid burning out: Some of us are constantly on the go and never stop to relax! It can mentally, physically, and emotionally wear you out! Taking a moment to relax is always good to help avoid fatigue and burn out.

Just in case you can’t decide what you’d for your “treat” hour, here are a few ideas:  Spa service (massage, manicure, pedicure, facial, haircut), golf, go to the movies, read a book at your favorite coffee shop, take a walk around your neighborhood, go watch the sunset, get tickets to your favorite athletic event, stop at a beauty counter and get a makeover, buy a new outfit, take a nap, and the list goes on!

I know how hard you work and how much you do for others!  So your challenge this week is to take 60 minutes and do one extra special thing for yourself! YOU DESERVE IT!

Are you in!?  Let me know in a comment below!