Week 29: Pick ONE To Work On This Week!

This week’s challenge is going to be slightly different. (ok a lot different!)

At [Your Business Name], we’re more than fitness and nutrition. We’re about creating a lasting impact in our community.

When we feel good, everything is better in our lives. However, it’s equally important on some of the deeper things about ourselves…like our mindset and our character.

Be 100% real with yourself. If you had to pick one from this list below to work on this week, which would it be?

• Humbleness
• Courage
• Gratefulness
• Tolerance
• Love
• Forgiveness
• Selflessness
• Honesty
• Persistence
• Patience
Each of these character traits are outlined in this inspiring article: www.meanttobehappy.com/10-essential-character-traits-of-happiness

This challenge will look different for each of us. We all have different areas we need to grow in and different character traits we need to develop.

So your challenge this week is to pick ONE word from the list above to focus on improving.

Bring awareness to it so throughout the day, you will notice if you’re not living up to the true meaning of what that word represents in your life.

You up for this challenge!? Let us know which word you’re committing to work on in a comment below!