The Program is Abba Fitness solution to your awaited results.  Our Program is designed to help give you a plan and direction so that you can finally have long-term consistent results with your fitness and nutrition goals.  There will be no tire flipping, sledge hammer hitting,  or things of that nature. So there is no confusion  THIS IS NOT A CROSS FIT GYM  either.

So what is Abba Fitness?

What there will be is motivation, encouragement, and accountability to help you reach your goals. We separate ourselves from everyone else because our PURPOSE is guide you to a better version of yourself. This program is like having your very own personal trainer but in a group setting.

The training is for anyone that is serious about getting results.  The principles that we teach you will allow you to reach your full potential.  We utilize multiple training methods to help you get results. Our Program is built around a system of Functional fitness which include body-weight, strength, and endurance training.  It has been proven that this style of training minimizes overuse stress on your bones, joints, and muscles.  This functional way of training will also allow you to reach another layer of depth with your training and ultimately improved results


Professionally instructed training program ($400 value)

All session are 1 hour long (15 min warm up, 45 minutes of training)

31 Sessions weekly to choose from

The training is fun and rewarding


Weekly Newsletter ($29 value)

Daily motivation ($ invaluable)

 Positive training environment

Members Only Private Facebook page


Nutrition Workshop $59 value

Nutritional consultation $99 value

3 Recipes a week

Sample Meal Plans

Grocery List


Personalized Success Success Session$29 value

Body fat assessment and analysis $29 value

Online Body Analysis Tracking System $29 value

Before and After measurements $29 value

Unlimited support via our accountability group $39

100% Satisfaction Guarantee


Because this program takes more work on our part than yours we are only looking to work with people who are serious about getting results. We are looking for people who want a transformation.  If you are the kind of person who values your fitness and you welcome guidance and direction in this area of your life then Abba Fitness Might be a good fit for you.    Most importantly you are open minded to having a coach that will walk you through every step of the process.  All we ask is that only serious inquires apply to this offer.


Our program is back by an unconditional 100% money back guarantee.

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You can contact us directly at 832-338-8391 for your initial phone interview.   Also fill out the pre-interview questionnaire below and someone will contact you with 24 hours.

TOTAL VALUE OF THE PROGRAM IS MORE THAN $700.  The good news is you you will pay less DAILY than what it cost for a Premium Coffee at Starbucks.

 5306 Cornish St. Houston, TX 77007 

Parking-Park directly in front of our building.  Additional parking is available across the street at the Houston Bearing Company DURING NON-BUSINESS HOURS.  Additional parking is also located at the end of our building and Across the street between The Houston Bearing Company and The Scuba Store.

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