We are running a referral contest over the next 5 weeks (March 1-April 4). What that mean for you is a chance to earn some great prizes while continuing to keep getting amazing results.

If you are enjoying Abba Fitness then all we ask is that you be our voice and let your friends, family members, and co-workers know about us.  It’s really that simple.

The easiest way to connect people to us is through our Gift Card Program.  The Gift Card is worth $100 or 2 weeks of unlimited training with us for only $19.

What that means is that you can order a gift card and invite them to try us out for 2 full weeks. If they decide to stick around just like you then are a result you earn more points towards the contest scoring.

Because this is a contest we will be using a scoring system where you can gain points multiple ways to earn some cool prizes.


1 Points- Member Buys a Gift Card (1 point per card)

2 Points- Referral Redeems Gift Card (Member Receives 2 Points)

2 Points- Referral registers for 2 week trial (non-gift card referral)

5 Points- Referral signs up for a 6 month plan

8 Points- Referral signs up for a 12 month plan


Maximum points for 1 referral can be as much as 11 points. It’s really that simple.

The final details of the contest are as following:

  •  To be eligible for the contest there is a minimum of a 3 referrals during the promotional period that sign up as members with Abba fitness. (March 1st – April 4th).
  • There will be 3 Prizes given away for the referral contest.
  • New members who register during the promotional period will also be eligible for the referral contest.
  • To be eligible for the prizes you must be a full member by the close of the referral contest.
  • Any member that does not earn one of the grand prizes will still qualify for a 2 and free on your membership. (Refer 2 members and get 1 month of free training added to your membership.)


gift cards $100






We are committed to your fitness success,

Eli and Ramiro