Do you know any friends, family, or co-workers that can benefit from our personal training and nutrition services?

If so, then take advantage of our REFER 3 GET 6 MONTHS FREE PROMOTION.

The promotion is available to all ABBA FITNESS Members

To be eligible for 6 months free training a total of 3 Referrals must register for one of our long-term training programs between the qualification dates.  The free training will be added to the end of your current plan.   It is really that simple!

How to earn 6 months of free training

1 Referral = 1-month Free Training

2 Referrals = 2 Additional Months of Free Training

3 Referrals = 3- Additional Months of Free Training

TOTAL 3 Referrals earns you 6 MONTHS of FREE TRAINING

***REFERRAL is in reference to the membership option.  All full paying members will be considered a referral.  All family plans will be adjusted according to the contract value.

Let’s just say your friend is not ready for a long-term commitment just yet.  (Hopefully we will grow on them). They might want to try Abba out with one of our shorter programs and see if we are the right fit for each other.

Currently our 30 FOR 30 PROGRAM is an easy way to test drive Abba Fitness. This  programs is in place so that we can give anyone a boost of confidence that Abba Fitness is the right training program for them.  We like to think of this as our try-it-out program.

We have grown on your friends. So what’s next?  

The easiest thing to do is bring them out to a workout, connect us via text at 832-648-1417, or forward us their contact information.  Of course with their consent first. We will follow up on your behalf.

If they decide to continue as a long-term member you will benefit by receiving 1-6 Months of Free Training.

It really is that simple. just Help 3 friends that are serious about changing their lives for 2020.  Once they say yes to Abba you will be rewarded

There is a catch though. This promotion ends Jan 31

Committed to your success,

Eli and Ramiro


*** A REFERRAL is considered a full member with at least a 6 months membership option.  Referral bonus will be adjusted for all member that registers on a family family.  The referral bonus will be adjusted according to the contract value.