OMG!!! Please don’t be this person…

You know, the woman who REALLY wants to do this 2015 Body Transformation Challenge and lose 12-29 pounds of fat, but keeps putting off signing up, comes up with more and more excuses (the same ones that have trapped her in a body she is NOT happy with) only to eventually get an email from me saying that we are all full up– all the spots are gone and the opportunity to change her life has passed her by.

We were down to 9 spots left as of yesterday… and my assistant has not checked her emails yet so figure it’s less than that… say 6 or 7.

I always feel BAD when I have to turn someone down and THIS time I just know I’m going to turn down more people than ever because so many have expressed interest.

So, what’s it going to be?

Is it time to exchange cookies on the couch with fat blasting workouts, fat burning meal plans, squats for your butt and tummy toning moves for the lower belly pooch?

Is it finally time to take that first step?  I think you know the answer.

So, what’s it going be?


PS:  Call me now at 832-338-8391.  If it goes to voicemail that just means I am on the line signing up another lucky challenger so call back ASAP before all the slots are filled!