Our Mission as stated above is to make a positive impact with your health and wellness goals.   As part of our Mission we want to IMPACT the lives of 400 people in 2019 with their health and wellness goals.


The driving force behind our PURPOSE is to add value to you and your family’s life, PERIOD!  The only thing is we can only achieve our purpose with your help.  Reaching our 400 MISSION GOAL will take a collective effort from all of TEAM ABBA.   As we add value to your life be a beacon of hope to someone else and pay it forward this year.


Our plan is simple, It starts with you. Throughout 2019 we will be sharing with you tips and strategies that have been proven to help you have success with your long-term fitness goals.  Feel free to share what you will be learning with those that you know that can benefit.  Also be looking to get more out of our newsletter this year.  We will be adding personal videos that cover nutrition, food recipes, exercise, hot topics, and of course MOTIVATION.


  1. This year commit to your goals by first putting them in writing and sharing them with us.
  2. Set a definite timeline on achieving your goal and let us help you get reach it.
  3. Be a value adder and pay it forward with at least 3 people. Share our newsletter, recipe, motivation, or training tips with someone that can benefit.
  4. Connect us via text with any friends that might want some help with their nutrition
  5. Invite a friend out to a workout at Abba Fitness.
  6. Introduce a friend or family member to one of our short term programs and you will earn our monthy referral promotion


We will have a copy of the thermometer on the wall at the gym.  At any moment when you feel we have added value to your life be sure and make sure your value score is added.  Highlight the next number on the thermometer so that we can hit our goal as a team!

Also Coming Soon we will be adding  a video collection of some amazing Impat Stories!


Our MISSION, if you choose it really is that simple. All you to do is your part to reach your goals.

We are committed to your health, your life, and your goals.

Eli & Ramiro Alvarado

Owners Abba Fitness Houston