(Jan 4th)

Welcome to our FIRST Challenge of 2016!

New Year’s is often the time when people celebrate new beginnings and are setting fresh goals and plans for the year ahead.

The problem is that statistically, only 8% of all people who set New Year resolutions actually keep them!

For 92%, great intentions are quickly reduced to “next Monday” and then quickly to “someday.”

Let’s commit to being in the 8%!  Instead of setting yourself up for a GIANT 12-month goal, let’s commit to one single push for 12-weeks.

It’s amazing what can be accomplished in 12 weeks. Three months is a long enough period to make real, focused progress… but not too long where you’ll get bored and lose interest.

This is actually the way athletes train- it’s something called periodization. Their annual program is divided into shorter bursts of focused effort to maximize results.

Read this great article on how to create an incredibly effective goal-setting plan: technori.com/2013/04/4259-the-most-effective-goal-setting-plan-youll-ever-find-2/

Then, combine that article with the power of a 12-week block of time, and you will become UNSTOPPABLE!! 

As always we are committed to your success Abba Fitness