Did you know that Houston’s Memorial Park is the second most used park in North America?

My first experience to the park was when I was 16 years old.  My friend’s parents were avid runners and I would tag along with them when they would go for a run.

It is amazing how a positive or negative event in life can shape the way you think about things.  Because running had such a positive impact in my life it is so easy for me to associate running with something that is pleasant and rewarding.

On the other hand I hear it from people all the time


It is humanly impossible to hate something if you are good at it.  The fact is almost all people who claim to hate running are not good at it or they just have not developed the skill of running to get better at it.

Think about it f you never practice running, you can never improve.  If you never improve, it will not be rewarding. If it is not rewarding, it will never be any fun.  And if it is not any fun, then why on earth would you do it?


On the other hand, why would you run? One of my clients Stacy Holden wrote this really great book PEOPLE OF MEMORIAL PARK.  If you spend any time at the park you will begin to see some familiar faces. But, most importantly you will see enjoyment.  Running is the most privative form of exercise you can do. It only makes sense to do what your body was created to do.  Your body was designed to move, and the seed of greatness is already in you.   You have what it takes to improve you just need to get moving.

So what is your story? You see, everyone has a story and the book dives into individual lives and how Memorial Park Connects us all.

I want to find out more about you and hear the reasons you run or hate to run?

If you are looking for the next step to improving your running or your overall fitness, then let’s talk.

My Runners Boot Camp Program takes you through a Journey.  Certainly, there will be some running involved but most importantly your goals to your health will be the driving force to your improvement.

Are you looking to get better with your overall fitness? If so, let’s connect so I can hear your story.

From there we will just have a conversation and find out that you really hate about your fitness.

You just might surprise yourself and find out that you are better at running than what you give yourself credit.

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