In honor of our life we want to have a huge Birthday Promotion where you benefit as well.

This Month Both Eli and I Celebrate our Birthday’s. (You are probably thinking to yourself what is so great about getting 1-year older LOL) Before I go into all the details did you know that I do not come from the healthiest family. In fact, I come from a long lineage of poor health. Fortunately, when I was 12 years old one life changing event set me on course to reshape the way I think, feel, and act about my health and ultimately my life.

The fact is it only take one event or idea to reshape your future.  It does not have to be a monumental event but your commitment for change must be invested for the long-term. That one decision can set you on course for a new trajectory and ultimately new success in the future.

Unfortunately, for some many people the opposite is true.  One event can cripple your success for years, decades, and in too many instances a lifetime.

Guys Failure is not a person, it is an event and that one event of defeat does not have to define who you are.

Part of the process to your success is knowing how to fail fast. Then get back up and moving again. You see your starting point in life does not determine your success but starting does determine your progress. Face it, great health is hard to come by these days. Most people are failing and deciding that poor health is just a normal way of life.

The great news for you is that as a member of Abba Fitness I know you sense that we are committed to your success.  Our program can be the one thing that can set you on course for a new you indefinitely.

Our success at Abba Fitness is built on your success.

So, we figured the best way we can help you reach your long-term fitness goals is by making this next year of training an easy decision for you.

So, here are the details for our BIRTHDAY SPECIAL

If you are already a member and you are set with us for the next year then Congratulation! We will continue to give you our best as we move forward together. 

If you are not set for the next year and you a withing 90 days of your current membership expiring then listen up.

Register for the next year and get 12 Months of training for our unlimited boot camp for the price of 10

If that is something your want to take advantage of then text me back so I can get you all the details. If you are a couple and you want to take advantage of this special text me immediately so I can get you the final numbers  832-648-1417.


Both Eli and I are Committed to your health,

Coach Ramiro