Was 2016 your best year or would you like to see massive improvement?

If you are a member of our gym Abba Fitness then you already know that we have a specific formula to help our members have success with their fitness goals.

I’ve decided what better way to help you reach your goals than by sharing our specific plan. This is the same plan that we use in every area of our life in particular our fitness. This plan works for us and it will work for you.

On February 22 during an exclusive, 1 hour workshop I will unfold the plan at our gym Abba Fitness.

Check out this video on the goal setting workshop that I will be hosting next week. The main purpose of the workshop is to help teach you with “5 Proven Goal Setting Strategies to Get What You Want”

The workshop is on Wednesday February 22, 2017 at 7:30 pm at Abba Fitness.

The workshop is called: “How to Set Goals That Stick: 5 Proven Goal Setting Strategies to Get What You Want”


The only “bad news” is we are only taking the first 20 who register by Tuesday February 21. We only have a number of seats available.

This one hour has the potential to change EVERYTHING for you in 2017…so be sure to secure your spot and make it your best year ever!!

Committed to your success,