Training at Abba Fitness is like having an extended family. This isn’t just a place

where you are going to come in and do your own thing. Ā We have a plan and all you

have to do is step right in and be willing to let us guide you to a better version of



This isn’t your regular ole gym. The fact is we are genuinely interested in getting

to know you as a person and to help you achieve your fitness and weight loss goals.

Every month throughout 2016 we will be doing a monthly drawing for 6 months

of free training.

6 months free training 2016


For all non-members we are giving awayĀ 6 Months of Free Training. Ā To be

eligibleĀ youĀ mustĀ register hereĀ 6 MONTHS OF FREE TRAININGĀ to be entered

into our drawing. Ā The winners will be notified on a monthly basis.



Once you become a current member you are immediately eligible for ourĀ referral.

What that means for you is as you refer friends and family to Abba FitnessĀ you will get one additionalĀ month of training added to your current plan. Ā So if you refer 6 Friends and they decide to join our trainingĀ program then that means 6 months of free training for you.

There are 3 ways to intro introduce someone to Abba

  1. Register for a 1 day free trial
  2. Register for the 6 MONTHS OF FREE TRAINING
  3. Connect us directly at 832-338-8391 and redeem 1 week of free training.
For questions feel free to call Call 832-338-8391

Abba Fitness

Houston Texas