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Abba Fitness is hooking up members with a free Fitbit.  This will help you stay consistent with your workouts, nutrition, and you can even encourage other members to join in with your progression.  The best part is we are going to be having a Fitbit challenge starting October 3rd. Details and prizes to come later.  We are giving a way Fit-Bit to every member that meets the qualification.  All you have to decide is what color would you like yours.

So here is how the whole thing works.?

  • Refer 3 new guest for a 14 Day Fat Flush (only $19) to Abba Fitness between August 29- September 14th.
  • New guest must use Abba Fitness at least 6 times during the trial period.  (attendance will be monitored during the 2 week trial)
  • You must be an current member on a 6 or 12 month plan.Month to month is not eligible to be eligible to earn the Fit Bit.
  • This promotion cannot run in conjunction with other promotions.
  • Any member that refers less than 3 during the promotion period will revert back towards our 3 and free free promotion. (3 and free-for every 3 guest that register as a member 6/12 months you get 1 month free)

It’s that simple!  Who do you know that can benefit from losing weight, dropping body fat, or increasing energy? Imagine sharing what Abba Fitness has to offer and we will reward you with a free Fitbit.  The cost for a 2 week trial is only $19.  Anyone that is serious about their health can afford that.

If you want to encourage friends, family, or co- workers they can purchase a 2 week unlimited guest pass for only $19 here .  They do not have to register as a long term member for you to earn credit towards the fit bit.  All they have to do is work out with us for 6 day over a 14 day time period.

 To order 2 week guest passes as a gift click here only $19 



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