What is an ELDOA

The ELDOA are postural exercises (LOADS, the English acronym) that you can performĀ yourself, with the primary goal being to increase the space within a joint. This increased space between the joints will lead to improvement in joint mechanics.

Benefits of Joint Mechanics

  • reduction of bodily pain
  • increased blood flow
  • reduced pressure on the discs
  • spinal discĀ rehydration
  • better muscle tone
  • improved posture
  • heightened sense of well-being and physical awareness.

All of the benefits ofĀ ELDOA can be tied to its utilization of myofascial tension during the performance of the postures. The pulling ofĀ the fascia helps to normalize the placement of theĀ internal structures, allowing the body to return toĀ its healthy structure.

What is Fascia?Ā The Fascia is the connective tissue that covers and links every organ, muscle, and bone together within the body. By creating myofascial tension,Ā the entire fascia is utilized to encourage theĀ internal structures to self-normalize.

Long-term Benefits In order to get the most outĀ of the postures performed in ELDOA, you mustĀ develop good awareness, or proprioception, ofĀ the body. By creating movement that pushes different parts of a joint into different directions, you are able to build awareness of that area inĀ the body. All postures in ELDOA utilize this actionĀ of separation, making repeated performance ofĀ the postures an effective way of heightening oneā€™sĀ proprioception. The more this awareness isĀ developed, the better one can perform the postures and derive the most benefits.

Abba Fitness is hosting a 6 week ELDOA TrainingĀ 

We are currently looking to work closely with a small group of people what would like to take part of this ELDOA group.Ā  By taking part of this we would like to monitor your progression over the 6 weeks of training.


  • 6 Weeks Professionally instructed ELDOA Program
  • Only taking 10 people per session
  • All session are 1 hour long
  • up to two session per week

When: Every Monday/Wednesday January 21-February 27

Where The training will be held at Abba Fitness

Time: The program will start promptly at 7:35pm


OPTION A:Ā  6 week program 2Ā  Sessions Weekly $249 (12 sessions)

Option B: 6 week program 1Ā  Sessions Weekly $149 (6 sessions)

For 1 Free Trial Text us directly at 832-648-1417


In pursuit of your fitness, strength and endurance are wonderful attributes to have.Ā  Along with that to truly unlock your Full Fitness Potential “FFP” require In addition to our regular training program Abba Fitness will be hosting a 6 WEEK YOGA PROGRAM led by Olga Dassayeva.Ā  The purpose of this program is to help those members that want this element of training added to their regular fitness programming.Ā  If this is something you do want be sure and take advantage of the early bird special where you can save 20% off the cost.improving your flexibility and mobility. The great news is that at Abba Fitness we are constantly looking at ways to help you reach your “FFP”.Ā  Ā As part of our commitment to your success we will be hosting a 6 week Power Yoga (Vinyasa) Flow program.

Hereā€™s what you get fromĀ joiningĀ the programā€¦

What: 6 Weeks Professionally instructed Yoga Program

All session are 1 hour long

1Ā sessions weekly every Saturday 8-9 am

When: Every Saturday starting November 3-December 8

Where The training will be held at Abba Fitness

Time: The program will start promptly at 8-9 am Saturday mornings


MembersĀ $99


ELDOA only $149

YOGA only $99

Save $50 by registering for both ELDOA & YOGA for only $199



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