Dear Members/Clients/Friends,

As you know being a member of Abba is like being part of an extended family.  Eli and I like to be connected to a cause larger than ourselves.  Because of that we need your help.  For those of you who don’t, know our daughter Gia now was born with Down Syndrome.  For us we have a very defined direction with our life and a purpose that can help so many other along the way.

Before I go any further please read our story.

GIA (God is Gracious)

OUR STORY- On March 2016 my wife Eli underwent an emergency c-section with the birth of our second daughter Gia. The doctor stepped out of the room and when he returned he told us our daughter Gia was born with Down Syndrome.  Imagine the fear us uncertainty and not knowing if your daughter is going to be okay.  You see some kids with Down Syndrome are born with medical issues and it’s not uncommon for newborns to undergo immediate heart surgery.   For the next 3 weeks Gia was in the ICU but the the good news was she didn’t have any serious medical concerns that is common with Down Syndrome kids.  Gia is a normal kid she she just happens to have some extra genetic mateial which makes her SUPER SPECIAL!

Unfortunately, there are so many children with Down Syndrome that do have some serious medical issues and this is why we need your help.

OUR VISION- Our vision is to have a long lasting Relationship with Down Syndrome Community.  We hope that with your efforts you will jump on board to helo us reach our goal.

OUR PLAN- We would like to give away 100% of the proceeds from all the gift cards and referrals that get purchased during the Month Of April.

YOUR HELP- We are aking that you get involved by letting your network of friends and family know about our Program and how we are Planning to give back.


  1. Purchase 1 Gift Card for only $19 and give it away as a gift to as a gift AND 100% of the proceeds will be donated on your behalf.
  2. Refer a friend, family member, or co-worker and they can register directly at our website for our 21 Day Try it out Program.  To get the program for $19 be sure to tell them to use the PROMO CODE IN ALL CAPS-  ABBA-DS
  3. Forward me the name and number of someone you would like for us to follow up.  If they register for the 3 Week Trial we will make a Donation on your behalf.

MEMBER  BONUS FOR- If your referral decides to become a long-term client of Abba Fitness you will get 1 month of free training for every member that joins the team.   It’s our way of saying thank you.

Thank you for your help in advance,

Eli and Ramiro