1. Week 44: Treat Yourself!!

    Week 44: Treat Yourself!! This week we have a special challenge for YOU!   We know that you work hard every day. Not only at work, but also at Abba Fitness and at home. Sometimes we have so many things going on, that we forget to make ourselves a priority and do something special for ourselves! Now, some of you might say working out is doing something for yourself, and you're RIGHT!  It’s on…Read More

  2. Week 43: Hip Bridges for Health!

    Week 43: Hip Bridges for Health!   Hip bridges are one of my favorite exercises! Besides the fact that they will help make your butt look great in your favorite pair of jeans, they are awesome for your body! Hip bridges get your glutes FIRED UP which means you’re activating the muscles in your posterior chain (back side of your body). When you do them properly, they can help to reduce lower bac…Read More

  3. Week 42: Get Ninja in Your Kitchen!

    Week 42: Get Ninja in Your Kitchen! You read your labels, pass on the office deserts, and walk past the cookie isle at the store…..only to find that there are hidden sugars and additives lurking in your refrigerator and cabinets. Unless you’re following a 100% whole foods diet or are super-careful reading your labels, there’s a good chance you’ve got some sugar hiding in your food. The foo…Read More

  4. Week 41: Explore a New Place!

    Week 41: Explore a New Place! Since today is Columbus Day, we have a special challenge for you! Today is a day that celebrates Christopher Columbus landing in the New World on October 12, 1492. This holiday was first called "Discovery Day." Since today is a day of celebration for one of our great explorers, I challenge YOU to explore a new place! Columbus was always sailing to new places and disco…Read More

  5. Week 40: Think You Can Handle THIS One?!

    Week 40: Think You Can Handle THIS One?! Are you ready!? No TV for a WHOLE week! Can you handle the challenge? Imagine all the stuff you’d be checking off your list if you turned the TV off. How about spending time catching up with your family or friends? Going for a walk outside? Getting to bed on time and catching up on your zzz’s? TV is great…. and it can be very entertaining and informat…Read More

  6. Week 39: Reminder Challenge!

    Week 39: Reminder Challenge! What do some of the most successful people do to keep themselves on track? Before new lifestyle habits become “automatic” in your life, sometimes you need to go a little above and beyond to remind yourself of your goals and keep them front of mind. One way to do this is to use external reminders instead of “trying to remember it.” Placing little reminders aroun…Read More

  7. Week 38: Nighttime Ritual

    Week 38: Nighttime Ritual Just like our morning rituals set your day up for success, nighttime rituals help you to wind down, relax, and get a better night’s sleep. This means you’ll be more likely to wake up rejuvenated, well rested, and with more energy! Here are a few ideas to consider including in your bedtime ritual: 1. Herbal Tea – Instant relaxation. (Just make sure it’s caffeine-fr…Read More

  8. Week 37: Flop this Flips!

    Week 37: Flop this Flips! Ready for this? No flip-flops for a week challenge! Let’s face it… flip-flops can be awesome during the warmer months. They’re comfortable, quick to put on, come in lots of cute styles, and keep your tootsies cool. But check this out: In a 2008 study, researchers at Auburn University found that flip-flops actually change the way people walk - sometimes permanently. …Read More

  9. Week 36: Taste the Rainbow…Every Day!

    Week 36: Taste the Rainbow…Every Day! Your challenge this week is to eat all the colors of the rainbow, each and every day of the week! With so many amazing fruits and vegetables to choose from, why settle for the same ones all of the time!? Out of habit, we frequently make the same choices each week. Time to switch it up! Different color fruits and veggies mean all different kinds of vitamins a…Read More

  10. Week 35: 10 Minutes Daily for Personal Development

    Week 35: 10 Minutes Daily for Personal Development Personal development used to have a stigma attached to it. People used to duck in the isles and do anything to avoid being seen in the “self-help” section of the bookstore. SO glad that’s not the case anymore!! Personal development is IN and it’s something that EVERYONE is talking about now- and I love it. Taking the time to invest in ours…Read More