1. Herbal Detox Tea

    Weekly Challenge: Herbal Detox Tea (Jan 25th) Packed with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, herbal teas are a natural way to start 2016 off with a healthy start. Herbal teas are not only delicious and relaxing, but they can help with everything from detoxifying your body to boosting your energy levels. By drinking tea, you are providing your body with much-needed hydration, which most people fo…Read More

  2. Your “after” photos

    Did you know that your after photos are waiting for you?  That’s right, the ones where you are 10-20 pounds lighter with a waist that has shrunk by 3-7 inches.  Yes, that belly fat has completely melted away! I know you have been putting off looking at them, but now is the time… They are just 6 weeks away– waiting for you patiently.  You just have one thing to do before you see them- but …Read More

  3. Recipe for getting into smaller jeans

    If you've been paying any attention to the last few emails I sent you, then you know that my new rapid weight loss program is unlike anything you have tried before (as are the incredible results). And by now you also know that… Resolutions suck I decided to create an anti-resolution weight loss program called The 2015 Body Transformation Challenge Now, one other thing you should know is that the…Read More

  4. RE: Body Transformation

      Hey Gang, I hope you are doing great and are rocking your 2015!Over the past few days I have gotten a flood of emails with questions regarding the 2015 Body Transformation Challenge.  This is the seriously cRaZy deal where you get 6 weeks of personal training, (for dirt cheap) lose anywhere from 12-20+ pounds of ugly belly fat, and can win CASH.So to answer your questions… Is this progr…Read More

  5. OMG Don’t Be *THAT* person (please don’t)

    OMG!!! Please don't be this person... You know, the woman who REALLY wants to do this 2015 Body Transformation Challenge and lose 12-29 pounds of fat, but keeps putting off signing up, comes up with more and more excuses (the same ones that have trapped her in a body she is NOT happy with) only to eventually get an email from me saying that we are all full up– all the spots are gone and the oppo…Read More

  6. Final Few Hours (until the price JUMPS!)

    Hey, I hope you are having a great HUMP DAY! But I just want to give you a quick heads up. The price is jumping up on the 2015 Body Transformation Challenge (where you can lose 15-27 pounds of fat quickly and easily) in the next few hours. Actually the price goes up in just a few short hours… So this is your last chance to lose we…Read More

  7. Please Stop Reading My Emails and Face Book Post

    Please stop reading my emails. Please stop reading my Facebook posts. Please, please, please... stop asking questions and get out of ‘thinking about it’ mode. Just ‘thinking about it’ does not equate to action and it certainly does not create results. Preparation and due diligence are great, but I hear from so many people from 1, 2, and even as much as 5 years ago, who are still asking th…Read More

  8. How to achieve your 2015 goals (and win Cash OR AN iPad Mini for losing weight)

    Okay, okay, I don’t often get this crazy excited about creating workouts and fat loss programs, but this is the exception. I’m freakin’ stoked! And YOU’RE in for a treat— (but only if you like winning Cash for losing weight.) So like I was telling you in the last email a couple days ago… I got inspired by all the feedback I got from that first email about how so many people FAIL at t…Read More

  9. 17 Ways to Transform Yourself in 2015

    What are you going to do differently in 2015? Are you going to reduce your stress level? Are you going to improve your diet? Are you going to take exercise more seriously? Or will you allow the next 365 days to pass by without changing a thing? If you haven't put any thought into it, then do so now. The fact is that you will age and change in 2015, and next year on 12-31-15 you will be slightly (o…Read More