Why training as a group is in your best interest. The evidence shows that when friends have a training or nutrition program as a group the results are always better. As you already know some of the benefits of group training are it can be incredibly motivating, challenging, and fun. The fact is the military, police, and even all sporting teams have this scene of camaraderie because of the group en…Read More

  2. Abba Fitness Goal Setting Workshop

    Was 2016 your best year or would you like to see massive improvement? If you are a member of our gym Abba Fitness then you already know that we have a specific formula to help our members have success with their fitness goals. I’ve decided what better way to help you reach your goals than by sharing our specific plan. This is the same plan that we use in every area of our life in particular our …Read More

  3. Self-Evaluation

    Constructive self-evaluation is important because we get to reflect on things that have happened. It also gives us insight into how we can grow and do things differently in the future. Self-reflection is considerate and respectful inner dialogue. Negative self-talk, on the other hand, drains our energy and confidence; triggers feelings of shame, sadness, frustration, embarrassment and hopelessness…Read More

  4. Your answer to losing weight

    Nutritional re-balancing is crucial if you want to drop body fat, lose weight, increase energy, or even improve your strength. You see it’s not a diet. You are probably doing a lot of the right things now.Unfortunately, there are some significant factors that can hold you back from having immediate and long-term success. Making minor improvements can completely change the trajectory for your res…Read More

  5. The Top 5 Side Effects of Exercise

    Your doctor feels like a broken record. That's right - he's sick and tired of telling you how important exercise is to your health because YOU DON'T LISTEN. He's sick of explaining how so many of your health problems will improve or even disappear as the result of a consistent exercise program. He's tired of tallying your controllable risk factors which include physical inactivity and obesity. So …Read More

  6. 5 Tips and 30 Days to a New You, But Only If You Really Want It

    The end of the summer is on the horizon. And if you are like most people that meant two-straight months of eating too much, sweet indulgences, and missed workouts. Imagine at the start of 2016 you will begin with 5-10 pounds heavier than you were last year. Ugh. No thanks. What if you spent the next 30 days dropping excess pounds and getting into better shape? Then you could ride out the holiday m…Read More