A few years ago we got into the spirit of Black Friday.  But rather than taking 20-30 percent off we, we decided to cut Add add a couple of extra months to your training for free.    We are ARE DONATING A PORTION OF THE SALES TO ONE OF OUR NEW FAVORITE CAUSES, THE HOUSTON DOWN SYNDROME ASSOCIATION

GIA’s Story

In 2016 our daughter Gia was born with Down Syndrome.

Because of Gia, our passion,  joy, and love is stronger now more than ever.  Our purpose in

life is bigger than ourselves and we are fighting to make a difference in our community.

Gia being in our lives has been an amazing blessing. She has taught us that no matter the

circumstances in our life we must do whatever it takes to set the standard of excellence with

everything we do. We are honored that you are connected to us and just know we not only fight for our family

but we fight for your too.  Our Mission is simple. We want to help you with your health goals but our passion is specific.  We want to make a difference in you and your family’s life, PERIOD.

Helping you helps others and our gift of fitness is something you can share with your loved ones.

We are committed to your success in health,

Eli and Ramiro Alvarado.

black friday sale

As you might already know our boot camp program is very popular because of the environment, the people, and the coaching.  We have a proven system and a community to help you get results.  All you have to do is plug in to the  program and like others before you just be willing to commit to the process.

Normally our unlimited  Month to Month Boot Camp goes for $247 per month which is a total  of $2964 for a year of training.  You can save up to 50% today by taking advantage of our Black Friday Sale.  Normally this offer is only extended to our current members but this year we are extending the Sale to any friends or family as well.



14 MONTHS UNLIMITED BOOT CAMP- PAY FOR 12 MONTHS & EARN 2 ADDITIONAL MONTHS FREE. FOR A TOTAL OF 14 MONTHS– Normally  14 months of  month to month training goes for $3458. During this sale it’s only 

1 payment of $2002That is a savings of $1456 or only $4.77 per day for 14 Months of our unlimited training program . 



9 MONTHS UNLIMITED BOOT CAMP- PAY FOR 8 MONTHS & EARN 1 ADDITIONAL MONTH FREE. FOR A TOTAL OF 9 MONTHS. Normally  9 months of  month to month training goes for $2,223. During this sale it’s only 1 payment of $1,336That is a savings of $1456 or only $4.95 per day for 9 Months of our unlimited training program . 

motionmailapp.comQuestions and Answers

  • What if I am a current member? If you are a current member and you want to take advantage of this special it will be added to the back end of your current plan.
  • What if I am a current member and I refer someone to Abba Fitness during this trial? For every person you refer that signs up for this promotion you will get credit added to our current monthly promotion or 1 month of free training per referral
  • What if I cannot start until the new year? Any new member that signs up for this promotion will have until January 16th to activate your training.
  • What kind of guarantee do I get? Abba Fitness offers a 30 day 100% unconditional guarantee.
  • An investment in your health is worth every penny.  IF you can see yourself with Abba Fitness throughout 2019 then now is the time to take action and save.
  • To take advantage of either of these promotions simply text us back at (832) 648-1417 and let us know which plan works best for you.

Committed to your health,

Ramiro & Eli Alvarado

Owners Abba Fitness Houston