As one of my clients what do you have in common with some of the most successful billionaires in the world?

You see Bill Gates (2nd richest man in the world) attributes his success to the mentoring he received from Warren Buffet (4th r richest) Conversely Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook (6th wealthiest) expressed his success in part to the late Steve Jobs of Apple mentoring as well.

If you are a current client, you have entrusted me to help you get positive results with your fitness. By now I know you can see that I genuinely want your best.

Having a coach can make a huge impact in your life. It certainly did for me when I was growing up. Having a mentor is an entirely different level of accountability. Mentors will challenge and push you against the status quo.

I have always had a mentor throughout my life and because of them they help me become better as a Man.

“I realized that having a mentor meant I had to let go of ego and pride.  I had to be open minded to their coaching.”

 The reality is everyone can benefit from having a mentor or coach. The reason I coach you is because you want to succeed in this area of your life. I can guarantee you that you will see positive results to come but you have to be willing to do your part so that you can receive the benefit.

So, what you have in common with these billionaires is they recognized their need for mentoring.   That vision allowed them to reach their next level Potential with their business.

You are receiving mentoring, but for your FITNESS.

Take full advantage of this opportunity like a billionaire manages his fortune.  You will see that the value of your life is priceless and worth 10 times its weight in gold.

The results you will get will be based on your willingness to overcome your mind, habits, and limiting beliefs.

The fact is the average person must jump through hoops in order to be healthy and fit.  Having a Plan, Coach, and accountability makes all the difference.

As your Coach and a member of Abba Fitness 80% of your success is just showing up. 15% of your Success is mastering your habits. 5% of your success is taking action on the leadership that you are looking for.

Be willing to make the small daily sacrifices now so that in the future, you will have larger rewards for your fitness goals.

Weather your success is a day, week, month, or year from now irrelevant.  What does matter is your willing to go through the process no matter how long it takes.

Make our time together count and if you do, I know that your best you is still yet to come.

I’m Committed to your better you,

Coach Ramiro