Why training as a group is in your best interest.

The evidence shows that when friends have a training or nutrition program as a group the results are always better.

As you already know some of the benefits of group training are it can be incredibly motivating, challenging, and fun.

The fact is the military, police, and even all sporting teams have this scenes of camaraderie because of the group environment.

Our Mission 400 is directly tied into your personal fitness Goals. We know that training at Abba gives you an opportunity to achieve it.

Ultimately, Our vision is to add value to your life by helping you achieve your fitness and health goals through our methods, motivation, and strategies.

The Umbrella of Goodness is reaching further out and is being extended to all our members. By just being a member you will have the opportunity to earn 6 months of free training. We only offer this opportunity twice a year in the spring and again in the fall.

You might be asking yourself what is an umbrella of goodness? Well to answer that question have you ever met some people that always seem to have good things happen to them? They seem to have great strokes of luck and are constantly reward with favor in life. Even in the midst of unfortunate circumstances these same individuals seem to prosper? The good news for you is because you train at Abba Fitness Umbrella of Goodness is being cast way.

Before we dive into the details of the Goodness about to come your way did you know that 60% of our members come from referrals? We’ve always found that our best clients come from our existing clients. Word of mouth continues to be the best form of advertising for Abba Fitness

We feel privileged to have a courteous, friendly and motivated clients like yourself. We are in the process of growing our personal training and Boot Camp Business and we are looking for a few more clients to add to our roster. Eli and I want to thank you for giving us your business but more importantly giving us your trust as your leaders in health.