1. The “SECRET” formula to achieving any fitness goal!

    Here is the formula I have used to have long-term consistency with my fitness. You can start using it today to reach any fitness goal. "From where? To what? By When?" That is it, it's not rocket science. You start where you are at. Work with what you have Then get better every day, week, month, and year. Remember a goal is a dream with a deadline. ​ So be sure to attach a deadline to that dream…Read More

  2. I Hate To Run

    Did you know that Houston’s Memorial Park is the second most used park in North America? My first experience to the park was when I was 16 years old.  My friend’s parents were avid runners and I would tag along with them when they would go for a run. It is amazing how a positive or negative event in life can shape the way you think about things.  Because running had such a positive impact in…Read More

  3. My Personal Fitness Formula

    OK this is it! For years members have asked Eli and I what do we really to be healthy. Its as if  though we were keeping a secret from everyone. There’s no secret to what we do. The short answer is we are consistent with our positive habits that give us consistent positive results over time. But, if you really want to know what we really do I’ve put this overview that lays out ou…Read More

  4. 3 Events 1 Day

    Bring a Friend is this Saturday April 27,2019 Do you enjoy working out with your friends as much as we do.  Great, because we are opening our training session to your friends and family. You will have 3 opportunities on this day to take advantage of our guidance.  Choose 1 or all. 8 am Join us for an easy morning run 3-6 miles 9 am our Boot Camp Will be a Burn and Learn.  Burn some calories whi…Read More

  5. Benefits of Group Training

    Why training as a group is in your best interest. The evidence shows that when friends have a training or nutrition program as a group the results are always better. As you already know some of the benefits of group training are it can be incredibly motivating, challenging, and fun. The fact is the military, police, and even all sporting teams have this scenes of camaraderie because of the group e…Read More


    EARN 6 MONTHS FREE TRAINING AT ABBA FITNESS Do you know any friends, family, or co-workers that can benefit from our personal training and nutrition services? If so, then take advantage of our REFER 3 GET 6 MONTHS FREE PROMOTION. The promotion is available to all ABBA FITNESS Members To be eligible for 6 months free training a total of 3 Referrals must register for one of our long-term training p…Read More

  7. Are you sitting on the fence?

    If you are on the fence about our Fitness Game Changers Program and you haven’t talked to us yet… this is your last chance.  We went through all the applications, text, and phone interviews and have narrowed it down to 40 people, which leave only 10 spots available. If you emailed or text back you are already in. Reply via text at 832-648-1417 if you have been thinking about doing the Game C…Read More


    Advanced Nutrition and Accountability Program is the pathway to your success and ultimately better fitness results. Obviously, this is a lot of effort and time on our part to make it happen. Eli and I can’t possibly take on 50-70 people by ourselves to this program. We want to make sure we can give everyone the time and attention they need to be successful. All we ask is that you are 100% commit…Read More

  9. FREE 7 Day Pass at Abba Fitness

    FREE 7 DAY PASS ABBA FITNESS REDEEM YOUR PASS BEFORE THE CLOCK RUNS OUT Are you looking for a new fitness and training experience to help you with your results? If so, take advantage of this weeks training special where you can try out Abba Fitness for a full week for FREE.  Imagine losing 1-3% body fat or 7-10 Pounds this week alone.  You have to act fast because the Free Trial will expire soo…Read More