If you are on the fence about our Fitness Game Changers Program and you haven’t talked to us yet… this is your last chance.  We went through all the applications, text, and phone interviews and have narrowed it down to 40 people, which leave only 10 spots available.

If you emailed or text back you are already in. Reply via text at 832-648-1417 if you have been thinking about doing the Game Changer program or have any questions regarding the program. Click the link here for all the details of the ABBA FITNESS GAME CHANGER <<<<<<<<<<<<<

The main purpose of the program is to help you get positive results while reinforcing daily positive habits. Face it the extra motivation, accuntability, and positive results are a good for every member.

Believe it or not everyone needs a little encouragement and direction. If you are the kind of person that can do this solo then you would be a huge asset to any team that you are on.

I know I have scared a lot of people away from the program because of how involved it is… but being scared or nervous doesn’t automatically mean you’re not a good fit for it. Sometimes a little fear is a great motivator.

Text us back to let us know you are in.


Below is a list of team captains that have already said yes to this challenge.  Are you in?

If there is a team you want to be on let us know ASAP so we can make sure you are on the right team.

Committed to your success

Eli and Ramiro


5:15 am

Ravi S.

Rachel V.

5:25 pm

Erica S

Ken N.

6:35 pm