Advanced Nutrition and Accountability Program is the pathway to your success and ultimately better fitness results.

Obviously, this is a lot of effort and time on our part to make it happen. Eli and I can’t possibly take on 50-70 people by ourselves to this program.

We want to make sure we can give everyone the time and attention they need to be successful.

All we ask is that you are 100% committed before joining this program. If you’re not, you would just be taking up time and someone else’s spot that really wants to get the attention they deserve.


The Program is Called 


“You are Changing Lives By Changing Yours First”

  1.  This is a 5-week accountability and nutrition program.  A extra week was added in to account for Labor Day.
  2. We ask that you commit through the entire 5 weeks.
  3. We will have small teams from 3-5 people on them. Of which one person on the team will be designated as the TEAM CAPTAIN. (If you are interested in being a team captain or there is a team you want to be on let me know so we can make it happen)
  4. Update your fit clients profile and continue to log your weight and body % weekly
  5. You will complete fitness and nutrition task over the 5 weeks either as a group or on your own. (some will be during gym time and some will be after)
  6. Each team will have their own accountability group text. Of course, Eli or I will be connected to all the groups.
  7. We will also have a Private Facebook group for the FGC to help with extra encouragement and engagement.
  8. Getting the best results possible requires nutritional timing so how about mastering new patterns once and for all.Along with making wise food choices we ask that you are open to the idea of taking a few supplements (3 to be exact). Something before, during , and after your workout.

Here is the schedule for the program

  • Between Now and August 15 we will be building teams and preparing all the nutrition details.
  • August 11 at Abba Fitness @ 10 AM AdvoCare Mixer going over the supplements.
  • August 15 at Abba Fitness @ 7:30 PM AdvoCare Mixer going over the supplements.
  • August 18, 2018 Game changer Kick-off

Stay Tuned, more exciting details to come soon.

Ramiro and Eli