Hi we are Eli and Ramiro Alvarado Owners Of Abba Fitness. We are huge fans of raw juices and smoothies! We a have been juicing for decades now and the best part is this is something our entire family enjoys including our children.  Juicing not only adds additional vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other nutrients. It provides us with another level of VITAITY that you too can have.

We have committed our lives to helping those that want our help.  Unfortunately, we hear it far too often “I don’t know how to eat”.  The fact is we all now how to eat but we sometimes let life get the best of us. 

We have helped hundreds of people over the years transform their lives. How? It’s simple! The principles of fitness are universal and they are always at work.  You are the variable and if you are open to being coachable this just might be the one program that can positively impact your life indefinitely.

We have come up with a solution to help you overcome the “I don’t know how to eat” Phenomenon.  To add value to your life we have put together a 10-Day Mind and Body Detox coupled with our ongoing Group Training Program.  This is a winning formula for your health. We make it easy for you.  Because we give you direction on nutrition, training, and Accountability.  Our program has the platform for you to thrive and take your fitness to a whole new level.

Are you looking for a coach and direction with this area of your life? If so,  let’s talk and see if there is something we can do to help you with your specific goals.

Committed to your success,

Eli and Ramiro Alvarado

10-Day Total Mind & Body Detox

  • Our 10-Day Detox includes Juicing, Smoothie, Snacks, and Meal Recipes.
  • You also get 21 Days of our Very Popular Training Program at Abba Fitness 
  • You will get an Exclusive Smoothie Workshop Designed for lifestyle continuation.
  • You will also learn the foundation of making Smoothies and Juicing.  
  • We will teach you simple recipe that you can jump-start your nutrition.
  • Will give you guidance on how to Eat Breakfast Like a Champion.
  • We will give you some fantastic Hydration solutions.
  • We will teach you what to eat every 3-4 hours.
  • Starts May 6th

We are currently accepting Pre-Registration


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