In 2012 Eli was 9 months pregnant with our first daughter Giselle and 7 days before she was born, I was fired from my day job.  That was the day I said screw this! We are never going to work for anyone else ever again.  Living true to our words we are doing just that. Best of all our brand of healthy a Lifestyle which include, Fitness, Nutrition, and Accountability have impacted thousands.

Jobless and with our backs against the wall we had everything to gain. We believed in ourselves enough to not be afraid and take the risk.  We were fueled and determined to only succeed.  We built Abba fitness with LOVE.  Love for one another, love with honoring our health, and love with wanting to impact our community.

Sure, we stumbled along the way but that is what you do when you grow as a person.  You fall down, you get up, and you keep moving forward.   We had a vision of what we wanted, who we wanted to work with, and how we wanted to help them. Quitting was never an option.

Adding value to other people’s lives has allowed us to pursue our passions. Most importantly we have made some amazing friendships along the way. We continue to grow as people daily and we know that our best is yet to come.

As you might already know our training program is very popular because of the environment, the people, and the coaching. We have a proven system and a community to help you get results. All you have to do is plug in to the program and like others before you just be willing to commit to the process.

We have reached our 8-year milestone at Abba Fitness. In celebration we have decided to honor our members with a promotion on our gym membership.  It is our way of saying thank you.


Pay For 10 Months & Get 2 Months FREE

1 payment of $1999

Questions and Answers

  • What Do I get when I register? Continued coaching and support with your fitness and nutrition goals.
  • What if I am a current member and what to and take the special? If you are on a current plan it will be added to the back end of your membership.
  • What if I am a current member and I refer someone to Abba Fitness.? For every person you refer you get one additional free month of coaching.
  • What if I cannot start immediately.  You have 90 Days to activate your membership.
  • What kind of guarantee do I get? Abba Fitness offers a 30 day 100% unconditional guarantee.

Committed to your health,

Ramiro & Eli Alvarado

1 payment of $1999