Do you know any friends, family, or co-workers that can benefit from our personal training and nutrition services?

If so, then take advantage of our REFER 3 GET 6 MONTHS FREE PROMOTION.

This is available to all ACTIVE ABBA FITNESS Members

To be eligible for 6 months free training the Referrals must register for one of our long-term training programs between the qualification dates.

The free training will be added to the end of your current plan.   It is really that simple!

Here is how to earn 6 months of free training


1 Referral = 1-month Free Training

2 Referrals = 2 Additional Months of Free Training

3 Referrals = 3- Additional Months of Free Training

TOTAL 3 Referrals earns you 6 MONTHS of FREE TRAINING

Want to try ABBA FIRST before making a decision?

The easiest way to get started is to try a session. You can connect with us one of 3 ways.

  1. TEXT US AT 832-648-1417
  2. EMAIL us at info@abbafitness.com
  3. Call us at 832-648-1417

If you are not ready for long-term success (Hopefully we will grow on you).  Just in case the next best way to see if we are a good fit for each other is by trying one of our shorter programs.

Currently we are offering a 30 FOR 30 PROGRAM which is 30 days of Abba for only $30.  This  programs is in place so that we can give you a boost of confidence that Abba Fitness is the right training program for you.  What better way to test drive Abba Fitness.

>>>30 days for $30 CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS<<<

We have grown on you. So what’s next?  

If you are the person that is doing the referring then you WIN.  Help 3 friends that are serious about changing their lives for 2020.  Once they say yes to Abba you will be rewarded 1-6 months of FREE Membership.

There is a catch though. This promotion ends Jan 31.

Committed to your success,

Eli and Ramiro


*** A REFERRAL is considered a full member with at least a 6 months membership option.  Referral bonus will be adjusted for all member that registers on a family family.  The referral bonus will be adjusted according to the contract value.