6 Week Take Back Your Life Challenge

What Is The Take Back Your Life Challenge?

The 6 week take back your fitness challenge is a uniquely designed accountability program that includes training and nutrition. The program is flexible with days and times. All the training is done at Abba fitness but can also be accomplished remotely in the comfort of your own home. Imagine having a personal trainer, nutritionist, and mindset accountability coach to guide you every step of the way. The 6-week fitness challenge is designed to help you create new lifestyle habits and eventually a new life. All the training sessions of the 6 week take back your fitness challenge are led by high level experienced and motivating coaches. They will challenge you to reach your full potential.

"Imagine finally stepping into a SYSTEM that will work for you"

- Coach Ramiro

Program Details


Coach Ramiro giving a fitness training session to reach you fitness goals
Our professionally instructed training programs give you all the guidance and structure to reach and maintain your specific fitness goals.


Daily motivation and unparalleled follow-up for take back your fitness challenge
We provide you with daily motivation and unparalleled follow-up. Our positive training environment is the right formula to help you reach any fitness goal you have.


nutrition fitness challenge
We know that the biggest struggle for most people comes in the form of food. We have a proven system to help you in this area of your life.
Before and After 6 week take back your fitness challenge

Accountability and Value

Nutrition Consultation

In order to help you overcome certain struggles the program also includes a nutrition consultation. After the consultation, we will provide you with a game plan that you can implement immediately. As well as ongoing nutrition coaching. You will be in an environment of success and we will teach you what it takes to have long-term success with your nutrition.
A meal plana and grocery list will be available upon request.
Optional Grocery Store Tour
Want to elevate your nutrition? This optional tour is designed to teach you the foundation about food, nutrition, and how to shop for a Healthy Lifestyle.
Grocery Shopping Tour at Abba Fitness


For the record “THIS IS NOT A CROSSFIT GYM”. I can guarantee you that there will not be any tire flipping, sledge hammer hitting, or any Power lifting involved. We just don’t do that. If that is what you are looking for this just might not be the right fit for you.

Because this program is very exclusive we are looking to work with people who are serious about getting POSITIVE results with your health. By that we mean you are the kind of person that values your fitness. You are very teachable, you want help, & you are looking for a plan that works. All we ask is that you commit to the process and do you part. We promise we will do ours.

Our styles of training delivers a variety daily. No two days will be the same and we can guarantee you will get positive results from our program.