Do you rely on caffeine to keep you going during the day!?  Need that cup-of-joe to kick-start your morning?  Need that mid-day jolt to get you past the afternoon slump?

Well- relying on caffeine as an artificial way to boost your energy levels isn’t always the best for you.

That’s why, this week, we’re going to “zero-in” on our caffeine intake!

Now, before you freak out, yes … caffeine is a natural stimulant that has been shown to have some health benefits.  For instance, having just enough (not too much!) helps improve your memory and focus.

But answer me this: if you HAVE to use it to power through every single day, as a tool or crutch, how good is that for you?

Caffeine stimulates your central nervous system, and for most of us, having one (even up to two cups of caffeine per day) is considered generally safe.

However, more than that can lead to poor sleeping patterns, high blood pressure, nervousness and irritability, stomach upset, a fast heartbeat and even muscle tremors.

Want a few great alternatives for that pick-me-up?  Get some fresh air, drink a cold glass of water, meditate, or even pop out 15 body squats or push-ups!

Now… if you’re used to taking in a lot of caffeine over the course of a day, be prepared for a headache and sluggishness if you go cold turkey!  A less disruptive option is to gradually cut back your caffeine intake over the course of a week.
You up for this!?  I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT!!!  Let me know your thoughts in a comment below 🙂

Let’s start…. right now!